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picture gallery: johnny doran weekend - 27th-29th February 2004
Mickey Doran and John Rooney Pictures added of the 2004 Johnny Doran weekend which took place 27th until 29th of February in the Glendalough Hotel, Co. Wicklow.
removed sections - 25th February 2004
Very recently the Nederlandse Vereniging van Uiileann Pipers (Dutch Uilleann Pipers Club) got its own site, so I've removed my section on the club. For more information please contact Arnoud Jespers.

For some time now Marc van Daal, Dutch uilleann pipes maker extraordinaire, has had his own website, so I finally removed his section from this site as well.
pictures update - 25th February 2004
There are some uilleann pipes/music related additions to the picture gallery in the emigration section, however, most of it is in Dutch, so I'll shortlist the interesting bits here for you:
added pictures - 14 March 2003
There's a lot of updates in the emigration section, also on piping matters. Most of it is in Dutch, but again, have a look at the pictures. Piping subjects are the Dannsa concert, the Belfast tionól, the Armagh Pipers Club family session and annual concert.
work in progress - 13 March 2003
This site is in the process of (finally) being updated and your bookmarks probably won't work any longer. A lot of items have been removed, but then again, a lot will be added at a later stage, including some of the old stuff. Comments and suggestions are very welcome. The emphasis will be on getting the emigration section up to date and easy to maintain. After that the uilleann pipes section will get an overhaul and finally two sections on fiddle and singing will be added.
picture gallery: johnny doran weekend - March 2003
Pictures added of the 2003 Johnny Doran weekend which took place 28th February until the 2nd of March in the Glendalough Hotel, Co. Wicklow.
emigration... - February 2003
looking for cracked and/or unused fiddles to repair
my Maggini copy As a lot of you probably will know, I started making my first fiddle some months ago. The first results are shown in the picture to the right, click it for more detail. It's a model that's inspired on Maggini's violins, slightly bigger than normal, double purfling and an ornament on the back.

Since I have professional aspirations of becoming a fiddle/stringed instrument maker, I'm looking for fiddles and mandolines (to start with) that are in an unplayable condition and need repair. I hope to gather quite a few of them, as objects to practise my repair skills on.

So, please, if you have an unused fiddle in need of repair lying around that's doing nothing more than gathering dust, I'd love to come around and collect it. I will not be able to offer any huge amounts of cash, but you will have my eternal grattitude.

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